About LINE

To establish a multifaceted international network outreach for the purpose of reaching out to Europe and beyond through the Gospel of Jesus Christ using a unique model that involves training, seminars, workshops, teachings and revivals to equip churches ministries and ministers and empowering them to reach out in their communities.

Mission is to reveal Jesus Christ in every part of Europe, declaring and demonstrating the power of God, reviving the church and saving souls and also empowering the local churches to evangelise their communities.

To teach, train, and develop practical programs for believers and churches. This would be accomplished through the following:

  • Bringing together the church in Unity and Love
  • Organising¬† workshops and seminars to train and educate churches and believers on charitable projects, such as; social supports, for example supporting refuges, homeless, organising Sunday soup for the hungry, clothes banks, churches starting basic computer schools in their communities to help elderly.
  • Bringing resourceful financial executives or bankers to educate on managing finance.
  • Bringing medical consultants or doctors to educate on health related issues.
  • Brining business consultants to hold seminar on how to start small businesses.
  • Training, equipping and empowering church workers, leaders and ministers.
  • Educating ministries on the importance of having more lay ministers.